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29 Youth One-Day & Series Programs special interest & events Youth Video Game Club Saturdays, 12:00-2:00P Jun 12 • Jul 10 • Aug 7 Does your child love video games but wants to know what exists beyond Minecra and Mario Bros.? Send them to Game Club. Every month, we bring in a wide assortment of games and consoles, new and old, for elementary-aged kids. It's a way to try new games and meet other kid gamers. Ages 7-10 Per Session: Res Fee $13 - Fee $18 Location: Dole Center Supervisor: Lucie Harrison Sign Language Workshops Sundays, 1:00-2:30P Jun 13 • Jul 11 • Aug 15 American Sign Language is recognized as an official language with its own unique grammar rules, idioms and syntax. In this 90-minute introductory class, you'll learn the manual alphabet, basic ASL signs and phrases and also gain insight into Deaf culture and the history of Deaf education in America. Join us for a workshop developed and lead by our skilled instructor to build your knowledge, increase your skills, and conversational fluency. ese workshops are open to anyone interested in learning American Sign Language. Ages 10+ Res Fee $10 - Fee $13 Location: Dole Center-Multipurpose Room Min 4/Max 9 Supervisor: Megan Ulczak Magic Class! ursday, Jul 15, 5:00-5:55P Have a magical time with professional magician Gary Kantor. Amaze family and friends with tricks that involve cards, ropes, coins, mind-reading and more. Tricks are quick to learn and easy to perform. All materials are provided, each child receives a magic kit to take home. Children are grouped by age and you can sign up for this class again and again since brand new tricks are taught each session! Ages 5-12 Res Fee $20 - Fee $25 Location: Andersen Center Min 6/ Max 15 Supervisor: Megan Ulczak Chess Workshop Saturday, Jun 12, 9:00A-12:00P ursday, Jun 24, 1:00-4:00P is workshop is designed for players who already know the basic chess moves. e workshop will include fun, interactive learning as well as a mini- tournament with prizes. Please bring your own snack. Ages 5-12 Res Fee $43 - Fee $56 Location: Dole Center - Multipurpose Room Min 6/ Max 15 Supervisor: Megan Ulczak Chess Scholars Tuesdays, Jul 6-Aug 10, 6:30-7:30P No previous knowledge of chess is necessary: players of all levels are welcome. Consists of fun, interactive teaching period/guided practice time. Participants will get to the next level under the guidance of an experienced Chess Scholars coach. Participants can test for a Chess Belt under a unique Chess Scholars system patterned aer martial arts belts. Chess competition with prizes at the end of the session! Ages 5-12 Res Fee $96 - Fee $116 Location: Andersen Center Min 6/ Max 15 Supervisor: Megan Ulczak Let's Build It ursdays, Jul 8-Aug 12, 6:30-7:30P is class takes a hands-on approach to engineering, allowing students to directly engage with basic engineering concepts through a variety of fun and educational activities. Students will improve their problem solving, math, and physics skills – all while engaging in exciting building projects. Each unit will focus on a specific area of engineering. e unit will culminate in a testing of students' final projects. Ages 6-12 Res Fee $114 - Fee $134 Location: Dole Center Min 5/ Max Supervisor: Megan Ulczak Find more Teen, Middle School & High School programs on page 77.

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